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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Inside The Bus by: ferrero rocher

This story happened 4 years ago and it was my first time to write a story here and I hope you like it. I'm not a good writer but it was based on true story. About me, I'm 5,7", medium built and would say good looking too. Hey, I got no complains with my looks and might have the best girl friend in town if I would like to. But that's another story, because I've this feeling towards guys especially those older than me, and of course straight and good looking ones. I'm now working here at Middle East and still nobody knows my true color here. Who cares? So here it goes.

My high school best friend Raymond and I decided to spend the weekend to their house in Lipa together with his girlfriend and another friend of us. The four of us went to Buendia bus terminal to catch up the early ride to our province. Soon enough we were boarded on the bus but did not get the chance to have a seat together because it was almost full of passengers when we came in. I got a seat beside this hot guy and I was in the aisle side, on my opposite side was Rick and he was on the aisle side too. Raymond and his gf settled at the back of Rick's seat.

After a few minutes of waiting the bus was full of passengers and ready to leave. We have our tickets and happily talking about what we will do over the weekends. It was in our plans that Raymond and I would play table tennis since we were both fond of it and we are playing it since high school. We decided also to stop by at Lipa Market to buy foods and other stuffs we will need for our overnight stay.

The three of them start to doze off when we pass Alabang since it was still early and I decided to take one too but I couldn't sleep that time. So I take glance at my seatmate and he was really a looker, dark, good looking with curly hair, muscular, probably 5'9", with chinito eyes which is my weakness and probably in his late 20's. I was 23 during that time and I know that I am attracted to guys, especially older than me. I think he was going on vacation too because he has a sports bag with him and other stuffs in his lap too.

While we are on South expressway, I decided to take a move over this guy, but hesitant and afraid too because he might freak out and made actions that might surprise me and my colleagues too, because they don't know that I'm into guys too, you know what I mean. But my courage is building me up and pushing me to go through with this guy next to me. I had a big back pack on my lap too so I crossed my left arm and intentionally touched his left arm but that was for a little while only because he might think I'm really doing it for a purpose. True enough that he jolted on my touch to his left arm and I drew back my fingers immediately and waited for a few minutes before I did it again. I'm also looking at my friends if they are already sleeping and am glad that they are. So I made my move again and touched his haunches this time making a little force so he my feel my touch. He thought that I'm a pick pocket so he moved his cellphone to the other side of his pants and have that angry look at me but did not said a word. I waited again for a few minutes and touched his side again with my left fingers, and then I put my right arm on my right thigh that was touching his left thigh. I moved my right thigh to his left and pushed it a little and stayed that way, my right arm is now touching both our thighs. Our knees touched together too and to my surprise he did not move it. I take that as a sign that it was ok with him what I'm doing.

I moved my right arm again and gently pressed his thigh with my elbow and he did not react again so what I did now is caressed his knee with my fingers. Too good that he has a big bag on his lap so no one can see what I'm doing under his bag. My left fingers started to explore on his side and found his abs. He did not react again this time but gave me a look showing that he liked what I'm doing to him and to encourage me also to continue, that I thought. I was amazed at how hard his abs was and thought perhaps he was working out at the gym. I now started to make circles on his abs using my index finger and applying a little force on it. He was wearing a shirt that time and a tight jeans. While I was doing this, my right arm and hand was busy too doing on his left knee and thigh. I pushed again my right knee against his left knee and he was now fighting over it and it seems like were doing a knee fight. I am flexing my right leg and starts rubbing his left. Then my left hand lifted his shirt a bit so I could now feel his stomach and it was hot and hard. I tried to insert also my fingers in his jeans and feel the garter of his brief. I was a little scared and excited at the same time because we were in the public place and I have my friends with me not knowing what I am doing. But since it was already done and found no rejection with this straight handsome guy, I continued what I am doing and I am enjoying this, I hope he was too.

I moved my left hand over his stomach and feel it immensely. He has really hard abs, I can't feel any fats on it. I'm playing also with the garter of his briefs from time to time and I tried to move upward my hand and feel the upper part of his body. I'm thankful that I have a big bag on me too that covers my arm. I played a little more on his stomach and then moved down for his crotch which is my goal. I put my hand on his crotch and it was hard and bulging now on his jeans. He made a soft moan as soon as I touched his crotch and gently pressed my hand over there. I inserted my hand also in between his thighs and felt his tight thigh too. I played again his crotch and feel his balls too. I know he was having a hard time down there because I felt he was packing a big basket there with the big bulge I felt through his fitted jeans. It was really exciting and scary at the same time because we already passed the Mayapa tollgate and I haven't felt his package through his pants and I want to touch and feel it vigorously. I was scared this time because my friends might wake up at any moment now but am glad they are still asleep.

So before time runs out, I inserted my fingers on his briefs again and felt that monster inside it. I can feel the head of it sneaking on his brief wanting to be freed. I touched and feel the head of his cock and it felt great on my fingers. I can't grip it because it was too tight on his pants and his cock is very hard now. But I made way to feel its shaft down to his balls and his cock is very thick and long. I looked into him and he had this smile that knocks me down, he has a very nice teeth and great smile. His eyes were smiling too at the pleasure he is having now. Though our position is very difficult, I managed to jack him off and he loves it. I feel him breathing heavily from time to time. His cock is so hot now and oozing precum. I put my thumb on his piss slit and scattered his precum on his cock head. I gently squeezed his cock and stroked it hard and long now. I want to do it fast now because we are near Lipa now and by any moment my friends might wake up. I made faster and longer strokes on his cock and squeezed it sometimes. I know he is near in cumming too because he is breathing heavily now and his cock is getting bigger and bigger. After a minute or two he whispers to me that he is nearly cumming now so I moved past and get my handkerchief and put it in his cock so as to cover it in case he came right away. After making it ready in his cock, he came right then and there and I am glad I put my handkerchief immediately through his cock to stop the flowing of his cum and have a souvenir of his cum too. He shot load after load of hot and creamy cum through my handkerchief.

After he is done cumming, I wiped some of his cum through his shaft and then put away my handkerchief and put it immediately and securely into my bag. I got my alcogel in my bag and apply it on my hand so that my hand might not smell cum. It was really a wonderful experience because I did it with a complete straight handsome stranger and to think we were in public place with my friends and somebody might catch us. Since we are near Lipa, and not wanting to be obvious with my friends that I'm having an encounter with this stranger, I got my ticket and wrote my name and contact number in it and handed it to him secretly hoping that we might met again and do better things in private. He accepted it and gave me a big grin and a nod that maybe I thought he is interested with me too. Hey, I am not bad myself too for girls look after me too, but sorry for them, hehe.

I woke up my friends because we are now entering the Lipa proper and I'm glad that they were asleep all throughout our travel. When we reached Lipa bus terminal, I made it a point that I'm the last one to get down with the four of us, so before I leave my seat I made a last feel of his crotch and motioned to him to text me after we get down. He nodded for an answer and winked and smiled at me again. Too bad I didn't even get the chance to ask his name but I'm hoping that he might text me as I'm getting down the bus. I still looked at the window of the bus and saw him looking at me too with a smile but I don't make it obvious to my friends that it was I he was smiling for. We went to the market and bought some food for our stay. While in the market, my phone beeps and I got a text message. It was from unknown sender and when I opened it, it says "Hi, dis is Farley, ur seatm8 a while ago. Nyc miting u. Have a nyc day! ;-)" My heart beats faster as soon as I read it. I replied back and told him that it's nice "meating" him too and am glad to know more about him. After we arrived at my classmate's house, a little later I got a call from Farley and he told me that he just got home. We talked for a while and he told me that it was his first time that somebody did it to him on public and it was from same sex which he did not expected because he was straight and I told him I don't expect that either to happen because it was my first time too to do that with a stranger in a bus. But he told me that he enjoyed it a lot and looking forward to meet me again as soon as we get back in Manila. I'm so happy with our conversation and can't wait meeting him again soon.

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